Collage This Journal…

I have always enjoyed journaling. As a little girl with my first diary (you know the ones…with the little lock and key set) I found a love for writing so when I saw Collage This Journal by Eleanor Shakespeare on my review list I thought it would be a fun, easy review. Boy was I wrong!

Now, I don’t say this because there is anything wrong with the journal. The journal is beautifully put together! It’s quality made and sturdy making it a great journal to throw in your bag and have it available for writing whenever the mood strikes…BUT…(and this is what has hendered my progress through the process ) the journal is literally for collageing.

The title should have been a dead giveaway but for whatever reason I didn’t expect it to be laid out in the manner it is. Every page details what you are to journal about and gives space to add things such as tickets to concerts you might have attended that month etc.

It’s a great concept especially for the younger journaler! For me personally it put too many restrictions and made it incredibly difficult to review because I have yet to finish any of it. However if you are a crafter at heart who needs a more structured journaling experience this journal is definitely for you!
I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for Review.


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