Hey guys! I’m alive…and I’m back! I was pretty busy throughout November and December with the holidays and all that they entail but (being completely transparent here; at the risk of being disappointing) I have also been struggling. It’s the same demon that has bugged me for as long as I can remember. Try as I may I have yet to shake him. But oh, I will shake him! His name is perfectionism. Does anyone else deal with this punk?

Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor. He will keep you on lock down. He tells you to keep your hand down, your mind closed and your mouth shut because anything said or done other than perfect will be the end of the world. No one will receive anything from the lousy you speak and everyone will be disappointed in you. Not to mention they all now know that you are ultimately a failure at life. Dramatic, I know, but when I have the opportunity to speak into someone’s life or even in a group setting the first thought that hits me is you better second guess what you are about to say and perfect it or else. Blah, blah, blah…Yep, that’s the voice of perfectionism.

It’s true. The enemy speaks over you. He is speaking to you every day just like God does. I think of it as you may have seen on old classic movies…you know…the little demon on one shoulder and the little angel on the other battling it out as you try to decide who you,re going to listen to. Sounds silly I know but that’s just how I can “see” it.

He’s a tough nut to crack…a pretty stout opponent but one we refuse to lay down for. The first step to defeating perfectionism is to realize you are struggling with it. The second step is to do whatever perfectionism tells you that you can’t anyway.


The bible tells us that the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. That’s all he is good for. See John 10:10

Perfectionism kills dreams, it steals your voice, and it destroys your ministry. I would venture to say that fits the biblical description of the enemy.

The bible also tells us to submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee. See James 4:7 and we know we have been given authority to trample the enemy under our feet. See Luke 9:1/10:19

The point is…the enemy talks a big game but he has already lost and he knows it. You just have to know it. The battle is and always will be in your mind. As soon as you figure out who you are and what’s more, who God is the enemy will flee as fast as he came. God doesn’t require perfection. He is perfection. We partner with Him in whatever He calls us to do and He perfects it. Stand strong. Resist the lies and embrace your truth.

Be blessed friends and please know what I write may not be “perfect” but the God I serve is and I’m okay with that. As long as these words grab someone in need of a little Jesus and remind each of you who you are in Christ, giving you hope to stand strong, my purpose was accomplished anyway. I’m happy to be His and content with being perfectly imperfect. Much love.



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