I’ve noticed a pattern that is disturbing but something we can all be guilty of. It seems that every time something or someone comes up with ideologies that are different from our belief system we tend to get religious, haughty, and let’s just face it squirrelly. None of these things will bring glory to God. In fact, reacting in such ways are directly getting in His way.

Jesus had to rebuke Peter when he cut the ear of the centurion soldier for this very thing. He actually called Peter Satan! Jesus NEEDED to be captured. His ideas were far superior to anything Peter could understand. To Peter this soldier was trespassing and threatening harm to his King but to Jesus this man was nothing more than a pawn placed in that very place, at that very time to lay the bricks that were leading up to the foundation that He was building His Kingdom on. Were Peter to “save” Jesus from this capture and fate he would have disrupted the course laid out before Jesus. (Although I’m certain that God had a backup plan. As if He needed one!)…Sometimes in our zeal for God we end up fools in our own wisdom missing out entirely the goodness God has set up!

I have heard through the “Facebook rumor-mill” that there is a Satanic “church” coming to my area soon and I have seen many nay-sayers, head shakers, and those trembling in fear. I wanted to post a little something to remind you of who we are and who our God is. God is not being overthrown here. Satan hasn’t gotten a one up on Him. This is merely a few more bricks leading us to the Kingdom He has built for us. There is no need to fear, spew hate, or condemn. If you’re secure in your God such things wont fall from your lips…show them what you believe and who you follow by your words and your actions. It is not your job to play God…you are not His advocate. God alone is in charge and trust me He will not win a battle by crossing His arms, stomping His feet, and shaking His head. The God of the Old Testament still exists…God is unchanging and no thing that tries to exalt itself above Him will stand. (Like in 1 Samuel when, Dagon the idol of the Philistines, was humiliated before all the people at the very hand of God) I’m excited to see just how God will show Himself when this “church” begins to “practice”. We win people! It’s written in the Book. We are just now beginning to see the processes that will lead us to the very steps that God has planned to take us to our final prize.

When we hear of things happening in our midst that seem a little edgy…stop for a second and look deeper before you start swinging that sword. It could be that we have stepped into the very intersection that God has laid out that will lead to His very coming and if you’ve read the back of the Book you already know how this is going to end! Keep your eyes open and be sure that you KNOW His voice as this whole thing is starting to go down. God’s ways are far superior to our own and the end result is much richer than anything we have thought or even imagined. Many blessings and much love!  


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