Retro excursions with my littles

 There’s nothing I love more than spending an afternoon exploring with my littles. One of our favorites is to visit our local thrift shops.


Thrifting makes me happy. Whether we go home empty-handed or with bags filled with hidden treasure. From amazing vintage finds to your everyday items at an affordable price thrifting offers endless possibilities and the chance to truly express yourself! There is something heart warming in taking home your finds after an afternoon hunt and it offers quality family time. At least in our case. I remember thrifting with my Mom as a child (before retro or vintage became cool) and being so afraid someone from school would see me. All of that shifted as I became an adult. Whether that shift came from the retro is in trend or as a result of my concern of what others thought or said about my interests faded. Either way I’ve now passed on those weekend excursions of treasure hunting (secretly in my case) with Mom to my children. Unlike my younger self my littles are not in the least concerned of their fate in the way I was. They love thrifting as much as I do! It’s fun to watch them get excited as they uncover relics of long ago past.

If you don’t already, I would encourage you to seek out your local thrift shops and spend some quality time bargain hunting with your family! We’ve made numerous memories doing just that. Happy thrifting!


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