The Chase

I could be the one you call

An instrument of praise

I could be the one you love

I’ll chase you all my days

I could be an example

A vision of your beauty and design

I could be yours, my love, and you could be mine

Chasing you…I want to draw you in…come close

Just one more moment with you Lord

Just one more Holy dose

I dance and sing a melody to the rhythm that you breathe

Intoxicating beauty shines like sun upon me

Feel my heart beat faster and my hands begin to shake

Take it in, my Lord, my love, the praises that I make

Songs of blessing…words of love

Like glory drops will fall

Dances of adoration begin…and hands lifted tall

I’m drunk on you again, my Lord

Don’t want to leave this place

And so goes my life, my love

And so goes on the chase

©Angela Sikes 2015

Praise and worship. Not a place of visitation…but a place of habitation.  To worship God is to chase Him. To want more than anything to find yourself lost in His presence and love on Him. God created us to live with Him. Not to visit Him on Sundays and Wednesdays. He wanted a relationship with us…to know us intimately. More than a mother, father, sister, or brother…more than a husband, more than a wife…the only way to have such a relationship is to spend time with Him. To romance Him and in turn be romanced. He is our beloved. He is our Daddy God…our all in all…our everything. He gave everything to know you. Shouldn’t you drown yourself in His love and minister to Him?  When you abandon yourself in praise… blocking out every distraction and wholly focus on your beloved, He will show you things you never imagined. His presence is like a drug…forgive the reference…but just once in the throne room of the most high and you will be hooked. Surrendered forever to chase after the one true love of your life. He is one call away…cry out to God and give Him your heart…that is praise and worship.


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