Eggless Sugar Cookies 


Yes I said it. Eggless. I was rummaging through the fridge hunting sweets the other night. One of those hormonal cravings that you know you should ignore but it just has the best of you kind of wants. I could eat cereal. Sometimes that works for a sweet tooth but what a let down! No I wanted sugar. The real kind. The kind that winds you up and brings you crashing down to glorious nap time and I needed it now. I had sugar. Had flour…I know, I know a horrible combo for the scale…but this was one of those I don’t care I’m eating the batter kinda days. I could make cookies! I started getting ingredients out already salivating at the thought. Go for the eggs and…what?! Are you serious? None. Zilch. Not even a carton sat in its usual spot in my fridge. Cue the sappy music and sad face. So almost deciding to forget the whole thing I run to Pinterest. Trusty old Pinterest had saved me yet again. I ran across this eggless sugar cookie recipe by I hadn’t tried an eggless cookie but was willing to give it a go. Let me tell you these cookies will not let you down! They are buttery deliciousness with just the right amount of sweetness! I was pleasantly surprised! In fact I have made them with my family again even with eggs jealously nesting in the fridge. You should give these a shot! You won’t be disappointed! Thank you much Maureen from! You saved my night and gave my family another favorite for those sweet tooth nights! Find the recipe here:



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