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I'm sure you have heard a little something about essential oils. I heard about them about two years ago and the thought of becoming chemical free and supporting the health and wellness of my family peaked my interest. During my research I joined a Young Living Facebook Group and ended up winning a 5 ml bottle of Stress… Continue reading

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Collage This Journal…

I have always enjoyed journaling. As a little girl with my first diary (you know the ones...with the little lock and key set) I found a love for writing so when I saw Collage This Journal by Eleanor Shakespeare on my review list I thought it would be a fun, easy review. Boy was I… Continue reading Collage This Journal…

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Faith, Bravery, Doubt and Fear

How do you define bravery? Maybe you base it off of our amazing police officers and firemen/women who put their lives on the line daily. Maybe by the mother or father who parents alone by no choice of their own. Perhaps by the family who continue to hope despite the diagnosis. All of these are… Continue reading Faith, Bravery, Doubt and Fear

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IF. The “four letter word” of the English Language.

 Deuteronomy 28 is an amazing chapter in the Bible that lays out some of the promises we have had spoken over our lives. It is filled with wonderful! It just absolutely oozes Jesus and makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. (Please, please, please do yourself a favor and read it. You need to know what… Continue reading IF. The “four letter word” of the English Language.

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Hey guys! I'm alive...and I'm back! I was pretty busy throughout November and December with the holidays and all that they entail but (being completely transparent here; at the risk of being disappointing) I have also been struggling. It's the same demon that has bugged me for as long as I can remember. Try as… Continue reading Perfectionism

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Fasting: What is it and Why You Should be Doing it!

 Fasting is something that has been ignored if not forgotten by the modern church culture of today. However, we see fasting throughout the Bible. As a people following Christ our goal is to live as He did and fasting was a regular part of biblical life. We see several examples of fasting as a way… Continue reading Fasting: What is it and Why You Should be Doing it!

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Giveaway winner! 

Big Congrats to HannahKate-TX! You are our winner of the very first saltvault giveaway! Thanks for participating and I hope you enjoy the book! Let me know what you thought of it! Many thanks to Blogging for Books for sending me It's Good to Be Queen to review! As always be blessed and much love!

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  I've noticed a pattern that is disturbing but something we can all be guilty of. It seems that every time something or someone comes up with ideologies that are different from our belief system we tend to get religious, haughty, and let's just face it squirrelly. None of these things will bring glory to God.… Continue reading

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Lemon Lavender Play-Doh 

Who doesn't love Play-doh? Play-doh can provide hours of entertainment. From building and creating to squishing through your fingers the only limit is your imagination. I was looking for a fun Saturday DIY with my little when it struck! So away we went gathering ingredients and bowls. The recipe is incredibly simple... 2 cups… Continue reading Lemon Lavender Play-Doh